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Teri and I have 2 boys and farm approx 540ha -[364ha ]effective coastal property, 10 minutes from Milton and run a sheep and beef operation.We moved here in 2002 seeking a more reliable rainfall area to farm.  Since then a huge amount of development has taken place with approx 40kms of fencing, including  2 covenants with our neighbours of approx 150ha of native bush protected.


We are now running 2200 PerendaleX ewes,570 hoggets[in lamb] and 150 cattle,our  8 year average lambing% is 143% and 17-19kg lamb weights.

Currently 15 embryos have been sourced from the U.S, most of  these are sired by Wulfs Xclusive No2 ranked bull for IMF available.

It’s almost 10 years since we got involved with the Limousin breed,we’re still waiting for the meat companies to catch up to our EMA and yield genetics ,with SFF Reserve,I see the Lim-Flex as the best chance to achieve the criteria of Reserve as it’s basically follows the specifications for certified Angus beef in the US.

The Reserve brand is  the premier product for consumers with consistant eating quality and greater returns to the farmer,also they’re collecting all the EMA data with a  view towards a future yield payment down the track based on this.

Our objectives are to source the best genetics available and strenghten our breeding base of females to breed bulls that target the future beef quality premiums,take a look at our genetic trend graphs.

All bulls will be IMF and EMA scanned prior to sale along with BVD tested and vaccinated.

The bottom line is we’re commercially focused on producing bulls that will add value to your business fullstop.

We have 21 registered stud females 16 have an average EBV for docility of +40, the other 5 are quiet but dont’t have a docility EBV so are used in the Lim-Flex programme and go to a top Angus bull.The 1997 statistics were  0.0 for EBV average docility for the breed.

Our Angus AI sire in 2013 was a US bull called KC Hass he currently sits 3rd on the Angus Pure  Index and 2nd on Self Replacing.

We also just purchased 24 commercial Angus heifers from Blue Cliffs at the Kakahu female sale they were 535kg average liveweight and scanned right at the top end for IMF,these will get mated to our black limo bull Hercules who scanned 129 for EMA[top 5%] ,he’s also top 2% for Docility at +65.





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